American Standard history began in 1872, when John.B Pierce opened a small shop offering enameled iron products in Massachusetts. With his keen mind on business, he developed the store quickly, later he announced the establishment of Pierce Steam Heating. It was merged with two other companies in 1982 and became American Radiator Company afterwards.

In 1929, American Standard and Standard Sanitary manufacturing were merged. Products of these two companies made up a half of market-share in America and Europe markets.

Eighteen years later, American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation was known as a famous firm name in business world.

In 1948, the company changed its name to American Standard.

Jame Trane, who later became the co-founder of the company, was a Finland immigrant. In 1964, he moved to LA Crosse Winsconsin to build up his own business. At first, he worked as a steam-engine fitting worker; he then set up his own business specializing in water-supplying system. In 1913, he and his son founded Trane company specialized in home-warming systems and commercial buildings.

According to a legend, in 1867, the train from Troy, New York to Schenetary, which carried George Westinghouse, was derailed. Originally, the two collided trains must be removed to free the traffic. Yet, despite of danger, the train still continued its voyage and could not control its speed even though a personnel jumped from one wagon to another to apply the brake manually. Due to this incident, Westinghouse began to think about solutions that later made remarkable changes. He created a new kind of brake which compressed air to reduce speed of trucks. Then, in 1968, he set up Westinghouse Air Brake( WABCO) specialized in brake systems.

On March 13th, 1914, The New York Newspaper acknowledged that the number of people whom were rescued by air brake of Westinghouse was much more than that of people died in all World Wars.

1929 American Standard became an independent company.
1968 WABCO joined American Standard. Also in this year, American Standard established its new history.
1984 Trane joined American Standard.
1988 After an unsuccessful taking over, The Board of Director had created a new lever by repurchasing the company from the securities market.
1990 American Standard Incorporation resold WABCO.
1995 In February, 1995, American Standard became an independent corporation whose first price listed on the stock market was $20.
1999 Fred Poses became the new Chairman of American Standard.
2007 American Standard resold the firm name Bath & Kitchen (B&K).
01/11/2007 The joint-venture EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Incesa performed independently in Middle and South America.
11/2007 The company officially changed its name to Ideal Standard International

Ideal Standard International changed image, branch name identification system and the vision of the corporation, establishing the digital era of bathroom.

Ideal Standard International, a multinational company which takes the lead in supplying creative solutions for bathroom design, has headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and other branches in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. It is also present in Middle and South America by coordinating with Incesa.

Focusing 100% on bathroom solutions, the multinational company Ideal Standard brings high-technique products to customers. It always focuses on the digital era transmission into bathrooms, which is creating an enjoyable space of living. Ideal Standard International always considers the creativeness as the catalyst for the development of bathroom solutions continually. The company always aims to the creation of innovative and intelligent products, combining with the most advanced technologies.

Products of the company are sold under many international branch names such as Ideal Standard, Jado, American Standard (in Asia/sia Pacific and Incesa), Incesa Standard (Incesa), Armitage Shanks (Britain), Ceramica Dolomite (Italia), Porcher (France, Incesa) và Vidima (East Europe).

07/2009 American Standard - Asia Pacific joined INAX, became a member of JS Group, whose headquarters is located in Tokoname, Japan. Merging American Standard( with famous firm names like Jado in Asia market and Ideal Standard in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand) has helped INAX become the leading company in hygiene porcelain. Inax and American Standard perform independently in Vietnam.

American Standard – Asia Pacific has more than 4000 employees who are working continuously in order to bring beautiful and harmonious models of bathroom as well as help them “ express their own style”. The combination of luxurious products and advanced technology has created body and mental relaxation. In order to do that, we has coordinated with the most famous designers in the world such as Marc Newson, David Chipperfield, Tomas Fiegl, Achim Pohl and Ronen Joseph and achieved many noble rewards in design field.

The collections of bathrooms, basins, bathtubs and toilets are plentiful. Besides, various spare parts and interior decorations help consumers to have more choices for their own style.

New products of American Standard have many salient advantages such as anti-bacteria enamel – prevent bacteria expansion, little-lead and anti-dripped taps, extremely powerful water jet, super strong exhaust technology which help saving and preserving the sources of water.

American Standard History