Imagine Collection

Designed by Ronen Joseph the collection is inspired by his harmonizing “volume 56” concept that reflects the perfect volumetric trapezoidal geometry seen in the Egyptian pyramids.

The American Standard “IMAGINE” suite represents both a stylish elegance and a harmonized ergonomically based design, which we are able to bring to ourViet Nam customers at this time.

The “IMAGINE” suite perfectly reflects American Standard’s commitment to providing total solutions to itsVietNamconsumers which combine both superb design with functionality and technology. “To respond to the demand for better bathrooms American Standard has commissioned world-class designers to produce the perfect blend of design, function and technology.

The new luxury suite provides an affordable solution for style seekers that incorporates a host of design elements and innovative features. Consisting of a complete bathroom set that includes wash basin, bathtub and toilet, the “IMAGINE” suite also incorporates American Standard’s IDEALFLOW technology that overcomes traditional overflow problems. The ergonomic bathtub with a backrest massage features a special LED Touch Panel for safe feature control while an ozone and disinfection system provides an additional level of hygiene. A special slow closing toilet bowl lid provides extra convenience for children and the elderly.

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Bathroom Collections