Smart Washer - The New Hygienic way of washing
noi that phong tam

This unique design is not only a surprise to most people by its features and attractive price, but the Smart Washer lid itself also opens a new concept: hi-end discrete component for sanitation facilities.

Smart Washer intelligent lid has such a simple design to the impressive but bring great efficiency in the operation and maintenance as well as sanitation. Indeed, this removable toilet lid can be mounted and removed easily, fast; can be used for many different American Standard toilet and also integrated stably for other brands’s toilet at the same size.

Smart Washer wa s designed from a pretty interesting idea: if you can add new chain-wheel to your bicycle for desired flexible operation, then why not have a similar additional component for the toilet a thing which is essential in dayly life? Besides, the normal toilet paper and water washing that cause a lot inconvenience and dirtiness are also a main reason for releasing the smart toilet lid integrated the intelligent washing system.

In fact , the smart toilets have appeared quite commonly, but their prices are not even ... "friendly" with the normal consumers. Overcoming this, the intelligent toilet lid Smart Washer with such features : smoothly lid closing, no noisy slamming, soft and comfortable seat, and e specially, integrated with useful mechanical cleaning systems that promises to come to most consumer popularly.

Smart W asher has two separated washing functions: When the lever is pressed down, a short hose will be used for most people ‘s needs after defecation with water vortex, high pressure that washes clean and powerful. When the lever is pulled up, a long hose will be used for women washing after urinating or cleaning genitals with thin water spray and sweeter pressure. On the other hand, water pressure can be adjusted as desired, by a knob on the right, which suites the interests of all people during the operation.

Smart Washer - an environment friendly product, suitable for people of all ages to use easily, and e specially useful for the elderly, the disabled, and children to do their own hygiene work independently, reduce the fatigue for the servers and minimum the cost for toilet paper and water. It i s really an interesting "good mark" for modern and convenient toilet space, clean and green.

From American Standard Viet Nam

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