Mold Supervisor

Feb 01, 2019

Job Title
Mold Supervisor

Job level

Work location


  • Manage and use rationally, efficiently resources, machinery, equipment and people in accordance with the company policies and regulations to ensure the completion of the production plan.
  • Prepare and control molding plans for factories / projects.
  • Supervising and managing the process of making plaster molds
  • Responsible for plaster mold, quality plaster mold
  • Positively research, seek for solutions to improve mold performance: Identify problems, collect data, set up deployment solutions
  • Maintaining a safe and positive working environment for employees, maintaining compliance with corporate and corporate policies and regulations;
  • Make reports such as: improve, quality, increase productivity, reduce costs
  • Coordinate with relevant departments in the implementation of the work, report periodically to senior management.
  • Other tasks as requested by leaders.


  • Competitive salary allowances package: travel allowance, position allowance, ...
  • Enjoy attractive bonuses including fixed bonuses, incentive bonuses and special bonus (equivalent to 03-05 months of fixed wages);
  • Considered salary increase twice a year.
  • Compulsory insurance in accordance with regulations and AON health insurance.
  • Be in a multicultural, professional and dynamic environment with attractive benefits to enhance creativity and efficiency in work;
  • Gifts for the birthday;
  • The company has a shuttle bus from Hanoi to the workplace, in addition to travel allowance.
  • Have an average of 03 Saturdays and 04 Sundays off per month;
  • Have the opportunity to promote based on the capacity and performance of the work;
  • Have the opportunity to participate in training abroad;
  • Have the opportunity to participate in excursions and parties.


  • Knowledge
    • University degree or higher, majoring in engineering
  • Experience
    • At least 2 years working experience in production companies and in the position of managing and supervising production
  • Qualities and skills
    • Proficiency in office applications, especially in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    • Ability to use 2D and 3D engineering software is an advantage;
    • Have good logical thinking;
    • Able to work under pressure;
    • Have a TOEIC 500 or above certificate, or equivalent certificates;
    • Responsible in work, dynamic and agile.

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