Oct 08, 2018

Promotion period: 8th October 2018 – 31th December 2018 Enjoy irresistible promotion for bathroom products by American Standard – Up to 50% for all bundles including smart washers, saving packages, top-selling and new products! Visit American Standard and be inspired with extensive range of sanitary wares and fittings from our Dream Bathroom collections. For more […]

Sep 07, 2018
5 Unpredictable Toilet Situations People Get Themselves Into

Toilet humor might be staple material for less creative comics, but awkward situations in the bathroom are usually anything but funny in reality. Say hello to the next era of derrière self-care: American Standard leverages on over 50 years of shower toilet expertise from one of LIXIL’s portfolio of brands – INAX, offering a range […]

Aug 08, 2018
Building Purposeful And Safe Bathrooms For Families

Building the perfect bathroom that caters to everyone in the home is no longer just about mulling over themes, colours, or lighting styles. Especially for shared bathroom situations, it needs to be a room that both the young and old can enjoy. The right design can bring a soothing spa-like experience to the bathroom, and […]

Aug 08, 2018
Are You Using Your Spalet Correctly?

Why wipe when you can wash? When it comes to a real cleanse, the pristine way to cleanse is definitely to wash rather than to wipe. And that holds true for bathroom hygiene, especially after a visit to the loo. Imagine this: A wipe is like spreading dirt around till the last smear gets wiped […]

Jul 26, 2018
Top Architects, Designers, Developers and Media converged at the first-ever LIXIL Spalet Iconic Tour 2018 in Nagoya, Japan – the birth place of Spalets and Ceramics.

INAX Museum Over 50 of Asia’s top designers, architects, developers and media were invited to the first-ever LIXIL Spalet Iconic Tour 2018 in Nagoya, Japan where the highlight of the tour was the Dream Spalet Destination Competition 2018. The Dream Spalet Destination Competition 2018 is a concerted effort on the company’s part for the Spalet […]

Jul 04, 2018
Cultural Practices in Japan That Have Inspired Modern Day Toilet Technologies

Without a doubt, the world’s admiration for Japanese technology is noteworthy. Most people know about Japan’s revolutionary toilets. While fairly common in Japan, shower toilets still garner ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ in many parts of the world. While that can be attributed to Japan being a powerhouse in innovation and technology, it is interesting to note […]

May 31, 2018
The Heritage And Evolution of Spalets

Japan is undoubtedly one of the most visited countries in the world. Did you know that besides its beautiful landscapes and greatly sought-after Japanese cuisine, Japan’s high level of hygiene standards are also globally recognized? Traditional Japanese bathroom cultures have inspired today’s clean, ultra-comfortable bathrooms that you see in luxury hotels, private resorts and even […]

May 31, 2018
Dream Destinations: You’ll Find Them Where a Spalet Is

The season for travel is almost here. Are you planning a trip to your dream holiday destination? Whether fantasies are revolving around picturesque views, an adventurous trip or mouth-watering local delicacies, the holiday accommodation is as important as the actual itinerary in completing the perfect dream destination experience. A dream destination accommodation isn’t all about […]

May 04, 2018
What Is A Must Have Item for Japanese Holiday-makers In Their Choice Of Accommodation?

Did you guess right? Shower toilets! The Japanese pay extreme attention to details in all aspects of their lives. From the way a piece of paper is folded to exquisite product packaging, Japan’s sense of excellence lies in every detail. And it is no surprise that their detail-oriented nature extends to even bathrooms. Step into […]

May 04, 2018
What Will A Dream Destination Bathroom Look Like?

An unforgettable home away from home can take the form of plush beddings, infinity pools, gourmet food options and impeccable customer service. What about the bathroom? Have you ever wondered what a dream destination bathroom will look like? Avid travellers will agree that a dream destination experience comes down to the smallest of details – […]

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