Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Retreat

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A bright, clean, and great smelling bathroom is something that many of us homeowners wish for but often don’t have the time to maintain well.

Now, with a lot more focus on hygiene and well-being, there are even better reasons to not just clean up the bathroom but make it a welcoming spot to wind down after a long day’s work.

Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Kick out the germs

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Here’s one practice so fundamental it bears repeating - flush with the toilet bowl lid closed. Yes, you may not notice it, but aerosols from its contents could spray upwards and around while flushing.

It helps to have an Aqua Ceramic coated toilet too, as the super-hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces. Similarly, wiping down the toilet seat regularly helps too.

2. Keep it dry

American Standard Signature Keep it Dry

Nobody likes a wet or messy bathroom. Not only is it dangerous for you and your family but toxic mold can also build up over time. So, it pays to keep things dry, from the floor to countertop.

Of course, you would not be wiping down the faucets each time you use it but doing so regularly prevents stains from forming and allows for a long-lasting shine. The same applies to other fittings such as basins. Wiping them dry not only makes them look better, but it also helps keep germs at bay too.

3. Use quick wipes

Not every cleanup requires an entire bucket of cleaning tools. Regular wipe down of surfaces, after a day or two, means each weekly or fortnightly cleanup isn’t as extensive as it needs to be.

This means having a ready supply of wipe-cloths and disinfectant wipes on hand. If you want to go the extra mile, having a small window wiper helps remove water stains from forming permanently.

4. Keep things organized

You may not need to be Marie Kondo-approved in terms of tidiness, but keeping things organized makes spending time in the bathroom a more pleasant experience.

It is also easier to find items like toothpaste when you need it, say, before an early morning video call at home.

5. Make it smell good

If you are lucky to have a bathtub at home to soak in after a long day’s work, go ahead and light those scented candles and dim the lights to wind down.

Even without that, adding a whiff of aroma in the bathroom goes a long way to make you feel relaxed – yes for that little spa-like moment.

Other than scented candles, scented sticks and diffusers are good options too. They go a long way to soothing the senses, something we all need even more of today.

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