Perfect Temperature Control from Start to Finish with TEMPTACION, the Auto Temperature Mixer Collection by American Standard

American Standard launches TEMPTACION, a collection of auto temperature mixers that ensure the correct balance of hot and cold water – to your preferred temperature- in the shower, for the safety and convenience of users.

With the launch of its TEMPTACION Collection, American Standard brings the benefits of precision showering to more homes who can now enjoy them for a mere fraction of the price of other brands.

Featuring German-precision cartridge, TEMPTACION allows you to bask in the knowledge that you can shower to your heart’s content, with no worries at all about sudden changes in water temperature: once you have selected your preferred setting, all you need to do is to turn on the water- and as it would have reached your desired temperature almost instantly- it will pour out exactly as you want it, enabling you to start relishing your perfect shower from the onset.

After all, precision is innate to auto temperature mixer aka thermostatic mixer: more so, it is equipped to answer the real need for a worry-free, no-scald, showering experience.

Constant comfort

Built into every auto temperature mixer is ThermoComfort: the smart feature which assures that water is at a constant, comfortable temperature, from beginning to end – freeing the user from sudden scalding or a sudden drop in temperature as it automatically adjusts the ratio of hot and cold water, regardless of water usage in other parts of the home. Users indulge in a continuous flow of water, set to the temperature they have pre-selected, for their utmost pleasure.

Safe shower experience

Promising a safe shower experience, a child-safety feature – Safety-Lock button – blocks water temperature at 38°C. To increase water temperature, press the button -located at the bottom of the handle- while turning up the temperature control handle.

In instances when cold water supply in the home fails, ThermoSafe kicks into action: this safety temperature control -up to 49°C- triggers an auto shut off function to prevent overly hot water from pumping out of the shower.

Scalding shocks are now totally impeded, as CoolShield ensures that the body of the faucet remains cool to the touch the entire time.

TEMPTACION is fitted with a host of other thoughtful features.


  • Earth warriors will take special delight in TEMPTACION. It saves precious water by ensuring that less is used. Showering using the auto temperature mixer saves precious water as there is also less water and energy wastage as the need to manually adjust the valve to reach the ideal temperature is eliminated.
  • TEMPTACION auto temperature mixers are pre-set to work at 50% water capacity without compromising shower enjoyment. To increase water flow, one can simply press the Eco-Lock button to turn up the volume controller handle a notch higher.

Purposeful design

  • SpaceCreate: Creates extra usable shelf space placed strategically within your easy reach. Perfect for holding toiletries and other bathroom accessories.
  • Everybody’s hands get soapy in the shower. TEMPTACION Auto Temperature Mixers are designed with an Ergonomic Handle-with an anti-slip wing for better grasp when turning the handle; quite useful when your hands are slippery with soap.

Quite a tasteful addition to the shower wall, the TEMPTACION exposed auto temperature mixers are also easy to install and maintain and come in shower or bath and shower models that appeal to different sensibilities and aesthetics.

For over 140 years as a pioneer in the design and innovation sector, the highly dependable offerings of American Standard have been providing consumers with inviting bathrooms to relax in. Over the decades, innovative breakthroughs and technologies have further placed the brand at the forefront as it endeavors to raise standards of living by delivering bathroom solutions that are beautiful, purposeful and safe for everyone.

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As one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, American Standard has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality and reliability to their bathrooms. Today, backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies to create inviting bathroom sanctuaries offering ultimate comfort and performance to its customers.


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